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Secularphilosophy.net is a dedicated site for students, early career academics, and armchair philosophers to seek peer-review and publication. The site provides an integrated facebook discussion forum, a repository for submitted papers, and essay contests, all designed to fearlessly put your ideas out there for commentary and improvement.

This site is dedicated to wholesome and charitable debate. The "secular" does not mean anti-religious, it means that arguments in this forum are held to a standard that cannot be grounded in a contentious principle. While I encourage using philosophical systems and good theology, at no point should someone try to end an argument with "its just faith/deontology/consciousness/etc." Debates should be civil, charitable, and should end on a note of agreement, even if that agreement is to disagree.

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Posted on December 20, 2013
Can the greatness of our present wash away our sins from the past?...
Posted on November 16, 2013
Good Morning, philosophers. Great news about secularphilosophy.net. A deal in the works will see the...
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